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The Best Way to Do Preventive Maintenance Service for Air Conditioning


You might be a property manager or a business owner who is new to this field, preventive maintenance service. How do experts do a preventive maintenance on your commercial building? Let's learn it from this article.


Did you know that you can do a basic preventive maintenance in just 30 minutes? Here are the steps to follow.


Step 1.Visual Inspection. The first thing that you need to do is to locate the main AC system of your commercial building. Take a quick but accurate inspection of the whole system. Make sure there are no leaks, like oil leaks in and outside of the main system. Check the coils and the actual ports in the system as well. This is done to make sure to prevent any problems in the future or any kind of potential hazard. The visual inspection entails checking all the control wiring in the system. You can scan from top to bottom and from left to right depending on your preference. Don't forget to check the contact board, the microprocessors, the terminal boards, the encoding power, et cetera. Make sure every connection is pretty tight.


Step 2.Blower Compartment. It is important here to check the belts. It is understandable that checking the belts for crack is a must. Replace the belts right away if you've found any cracks on it. AC Repair Dubai provides an innovative way in making repairs if there are problems with your AC system's blower compartment. Don't forget to check as well if anything is loose in this compartment. Make sure to tighten them up. Included in this maintenance is to make sure the drain is clean. You can add a time-release pad for the drain which can last for up to 3 months. Sanitizing coils is another important aspect of cleaning this compartment. Adding new filters is also going to be helpful for those business owners with huge usage of AC system. Know more about general contractors in


Step 3. Check Pressures. A good preventive painters and decorators in dubai service will not be complete without the inclusion of checking the pressures. This is optional. If there is a need for pressures to be checked it must be done in this step. For the safety of your AC system, if there is an air pressure reaching 60-62 of the based set point then this is necessary. Refrigerant depends on these air pressure set points. It is very important to check them.


These 3 basic steps comprise your basic preventive maintenance for an air conditioning system and it all happens less than 30 minutes.